Cheap, Fast & Cool Pick Two!

Contributed by CS-Graphic Design Inc.

When clients approach us expecting an immediate turnaround, a bargain price and a spectacular design, we generally say, Pick Two Here’s why:


Let’s face it; all marketing and communications projects have budgets that need to be addressed. Being realistic about what a budget can accomplish will help define the project and ensure its effectiveness. When a client has very limited resources, it comes down to an either-or scenario. Either the project is low budget (cheap?) and cool, which takes time to accommodate; or cheap and fast, which may not have the cool outcome a client has in mind.


We are proud of the work we do, so it’s often counter-intuitive for us to rush a project. We like to begin projects with a solid understanding of our client’s goals, expected outcomes and overall brand. This helps us create a more polished finished product, appropriate to each client. Of course, quick turnarounds can be achieved. Tight deadlines actually make up between 30-40% of our business. In some cases, a rush fee is applied since a reorganization of priorities is required to meet urgent requests. Alternately, the polish given to lengthier projects may not be possible given the short time frame.


As designers, we love coming up with designs that communicate clearly and respond to our client’s needs. It’s what causes us to analyze, re-think and sometimes re-work our designs to create something that’s just right for each client. Cool designs are what we live for! That being said, cool designs take time to achieve, which will inevitably cost more.

We do understand the challenges of limited budgets, time constraints and the desire to look good. We also recognize that in trying to meet all of these criteria cheap, fast and cool, something will suffer. Setting realistic expectations about what can be achieved ensures a more honest working relationship, and leads to a more successful project outcome. And this is what we strive for with every project we take on.