Hydra-Slide Hydraulic Skidding Systems

Hydra-Slide Ltd. is a company that designs and supplies Hydra-Slide hydraulic skidding systems. These systems provide superior capabilities for moving, loading and unloading all types of heavy loads.

When Hydra-Slide contacted us for a re-brand, we began by modernizing their existing logo. To express the forward movement and stability Hydra-Slide is known for, we created a very angular, yet robust logo. The logo’s angular shape became the key visual element across all of Hydra-Slide’s marketing pieces. We also included bold photos of skidding systems in action, developed the appearance of depth by layering objects, and incorporated gradients and textures for aesthetic variety.

This cohesive visual identity was applied across all of Hydra-Slide’s marketing materials, including: a website, product brochure, magazine ad, stationery and tradeshow banner. Hydra-Slide’s strong visual presence, combined with a quality product, sets them apart from their competitors.