ReportsOntario’s Long-Term Energy Plan

The Ministry of Energy’s Long-Term Energy Plan was an extensive project involving the design, development and production of the plan, along with supporting promotional pieces.

The reports theme Achieving Balance, references the need for balance between supply and demand. Building off this theme we first created the cover for the plan. We placed the supply, a series of energy icons (water, wind, solar, gas, nuclear), underneath the demand graphics representing rural, industrial and urban settings. Behind these graphics we incorporated a grid pattern to further allude to energy, i.e. power grids and lines.

For the colour palette we chose earthy tones in accordance with the plan contents.

The most challenging aspect of this project was ensuring that these documents could be output as high-quality print documents, and made into accessible PDFs for users of assistive devices. The plan also needed to be made available in both English and French.

The resulting piece is a show-stopper that’s received much media coverage (even if it hasn’t been for the design!).