ReportsCentral LHIN 2013 Community Report

The Central LHIN was looking to present some of their important achievements to the community in a unique and impacting way. After deciding on the message Gaining Momentum, the Central LHIN chose the image of the pinwheel to be representative of forward movement and transformation to build their message around.

Working with this theme, we included a variety of pinwheel images across the report. Paired with generous white space, bold colours and large photographs, the pinwheel visuals add to the uniqueness and creativity of the piece. To suggest the movement of the pinwheel (or wind) and add another element of interest, we applied the Central LHIN waves across each spread.

Through this combination of imagery and graphics we were able to achieve a striking design, give continuity to the piece and maintain the Central LHIN brand.

(The report was produced in English and French)