ReportsTrillium 2012-2013

We were supplied with three separate ideas: Driving Change; Strengthening Relationships; and Saving More Lives for this year’s annual report theme. Our challenge was to come up with an image that somehow encompassed those ideas into one. We felt that at the core of these three achievements is the idea that they help build Trillium Gift of Life Network success. The image of a cube was used to visually communicate the building of success.

The cube represents the Trillium Gift of Life Network that is not static but constantly growing. The use of a cube made up of independent cubes represents the different functions and organizations that come together to make up this Network. Trillium is constantly working to add and improve. Three green cubes (this year’s three achievements) move into open spaces remaining on the cube, representing the successful efforts that have been achieved to complete the cube.

A French version of this report was also produced.