BrandingWaterloo Region District School Board

In an effort to promote awareness of local school programs, the WRDSB contacted us to design their communications materials. Using a blue and green swoop on each piece for brand consistency, we then designed the pieces to reflect their intended audiences.

The French Immersion brochure features images that show diverse learners from grades 1 to 8. The French background text subtly reinforces the focus of the brochure while adding visual interest.

The Kindergarten brochure uses a more vibrant colour scheme, and a variety of large, bright photographs of kindergarten-aged children. Each image underscores the types of activities that kindergarteners participate in, including: outdoor play, reading, writing, drawing, building and sharing.

The number stands follow the theme of kindergarten-aged activities. Produced for an informational event geared towards parents and their preschoolers, each number was created at life-size and placed beside a different information station to attract interest.