BrandingAriel’s Legacy Foundation

Ariel’s Legacy is a New York based foundation that promotes awareness and raises funds for sufferers of Bipolar Disorder. The foundation’s namesake, Ariel Tesher passed away as a result of this illness.

To establish the logo, we combined Ariel’s handprint, originally a painted print on a wall, with an attractive sans-serif font in a warm red colour from the original handprint.

In addition to the logo we created stationary, a sponsorship proposal and informational brochure. On each piece, we used a somber colour palette and contemporary sans-serif fonts. For the proposal and brochure we applied a flowing ribbon as a background, in combination with bursts of light, to add both dimension and contrast to the pieces. A series of home photographs also appear, further commemorating the organization’s namesake. These images, in combination with soft colours and contemporary fonts, not only inspire empathy, but also stimulate awareness of Bipolar Disorder.