BrandingBest Doctors

Best Doctors is a valuable health benefit offered through insurance companies and employers that provides members with access to the best medical minds in the world so that a member can be sure they have the right diagnosis and treatment plan whether dealing with a chronic condition, questioning surgery or facing a life-threatening illness. Best Doctors also helps members find specialists and get expert answers to medical questions.

In the “brand refresh” process we reviewed client’s existing and extensive material to synthesize and determine the essence of Best Doctors. We determined that at the core of Best Doctors is communication. Best Doctors is a service that relies heavily on communication between all parties involved. We have used a voice bubble graphic to represent this dialogue. A graphic band of words that quickly describe, Who is Best Doctors, is also used throughout as a design element.

We have used Best Doctors corporate blue predominately and used colour as a means to quickly define Best Doctors service categories.

All materials were produced in both English and French.